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pHion Balance

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  • Acid Drainage

    By pHion Balance

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    IngredientsAmount Per Serving
    burdock root 10:1 extract
    300 mg
    Arctium lappa
    elder flower 10:1 extract
    275 mg
    Sambucus nigra
    Elderberry Extract
    black currant fruit 4:1 extract
    Black Currant Extract
    225 mg
    ribes nigrum
    Black Currant Extract
    Linden flower 4:1 extract
    Linden Extract
    100 mg
    Tilia europaea
    Linden Extract

    Product Description

    • Supports healthy acid detoxification: pHion Balance Acid Drainage capsules help your body naturally detoxify excess acids, promoting optimal pH balance.
    • Packed with natural extracts: Contains burdock root 10:1 extract which is known for its detoxifying properties, helping your body cleanse from within.
    • Enhanced respiratory health: Elder flower 10:1 extract assists in respiratory support, making breathing easier and more comfortable.
    • Boosts antioxidant levels: Black currant fruit 4:1 extract is rich in antioxidants which help combat oxidative stress and support overall health.
    • Calming and soothing: Linden flower 4:1 extract offers calming and soothing effects, helping to ease stress and promote relaxation.
    • Convenient capsule form: Easy-to-use capsules make it simple to incorporate into your daily routine.
    • High potency extracts: Using high ratio extracts such as 10:1 and 4:1 ensures every capsule is concentrated and effective.

    Other ingredients

    • gelatin
    • maltodextrin
    • brown rice flour
    • magnesium stearate
    • silicon dioxide
    • water

    Free of


    Pill Type: Capsule

    Flavor: -

    Serving Size: 2

    Servings per Container: 30

    UPC: 813986010037

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