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Prince of Peace

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  • Prince Gold

    By Prince of Peace

    Rating: 4.4 (19 reviews)In Stock

    IngredientsAmount Per Serving
    Korea Red Ginseng
    Korean Red Ginseng
    518 mg

    Product Description

    • Boosts vitality and energy levels with 518 mg of Korea Red Ginseng
    • Promotes mental clarity and focus for enhanced productivity
    • Supports a healthy immune system for better overall well-being
    • Sugar-free formulation, catering to those who monitor their sugar intake
    • High-quality Korean Red Ginseng sourced to ensure maximum benefits
    • Convenient capsule form for easy daily consumption
    • Part of the Prince of Peace brand, trusted for purity and efficacy

    Prince Gold capsules bring you the exceptional benefits of Korea Red Ginseng, meticulously sourced from Korea to ensure the highest quality. Known for its ability to naturally enhance energy, mental clarity, and immune support, this supplement is a perfect addition to your wellness regimen, all without any added sugars. Trust in the excellence of Prince of Peace to elevate your health with every capsule.

    Other ingredients

    • gelatin

    Free of

    • sugar
    • starch
    • preservatives
    • colors

    Pill Type: Capsule

    Flavor: -

    Serving Size: 1

    Servings per Container: 50

    UPC: 039278880519

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