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A tale of caution: prolonged Bacillus clausii bacteraemia after probiotic use in an immunocompetent child

  • 2021-03-01
  • Access Microbiology 3(3)
    • A. Khatri
    • S. Rai
    • C. Shank
    • A. McInerney
    • B. Kaplan
    • Stefan H F Hagmann
    • Mundeep K Kainth


Introduction: Bacillus clausii as a probiotic supplement is increasingly used in both adult and paediatric patient populations. There is limited awareness about potential adverse effects.

Case presentation: We report a case of prolonged (111 days) B. clausii bacteraemia after brief probiotic use in a 17-month-old immunocompetent child, without a definite focus of infection and in the absence of predisposing risk factors or underlying co-morbidities. We identified seven probiotic use-associated cases of prolonged B. clausii bacteraemia (mean duration [range] 64 days [14-93 days] where data were available) in the literature, all with underlying co-morbidities.

Conclusion: B. clausii probiotic preparations may cause prolonged bacteraemia, rendering patients with underlying co-morbidities as well as those with unrecognized risk factors vulnerable for significant infectious complications.

Keywords: Bacillus clausii; bacteraemia; probiotic.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
Bacillus clausiiProlonged BacteraemiaHarmful
Bacillus clausii SNZ-1971Prolonged BacteraemiaHarmful

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