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Development of a Mucoadhesive In Situ Gelling Formulation for the Delivery of Lactobacillus gasseri into Vaginal Cavity

  • 2019-10-03
  • Pharmaceutics 11(10)
    • B. Vigani
    • Angela Faccendini
    • S. Rossi
    • G. Sandri
    • M. C. Bonferoni
    • P. Grisoli
    • F. Ferrari


Local administration of vaginal probiotics, especially lactobacilli, has been recently proposed as an effective prevention strategy against candidosis recurrences, which affect 40-50% of women. In this context, the aim of the present work was the development of a mucoadhesive in situ gelling formulation for the vaginal administration of Lactobacillus gasseri. Mixtures of poloxamer 407 (P407) and methylcellulose (MC), two thermosensitive polymers, were prepared and subjected to rheological analyses for the assessment of their sol/gel transition temperature. The association of P407 (15% w/w) with MC (1.5% w/w) produced an increase in gelation extent at 37 °C even after dilution in simulated vaginal fluid (SVF). The presence of 0.5% w/w pectin (PEC) produced a reduction of vehicle pH and viscosity at 25 °C that is the vehicle resistance to flow during administration. The presence of a low concentration of xyloglucan (XYL) (0.25% w/w) increases the mucoadhesive properties and the capability to gelify at 37 °C of the formulation after dilution with SVF. A three-component (P407/MC/PEC; 3cM) and a four-component (P407/MC/PEC/XYL; 4cM) mixture were selected as promising candidates for the delivery of L. gasseri to the vaginal cavity. They were able to preserve L. gasseri viability and were cytocompatible towards the HeLa cell line.

Keywords: L. gasseri; in situ thermogelling vehicle; methylcellulose; mucoadhesion; pectin; poloxamer; vaginal candidosis; xyloglucan.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
Lactobacillus gasseriReduced Recurrences of CandidosisBeneficial
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