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Dietary heat-killed Lactobacillus brevis SBC8803 promotes voluntary wheel-running and affects sleep rhythms in mice.

  • 2014-08
  • Life Sciences 111(1-2)
    • K. Miyazaki
    • Nanako Itoh
    • Saori Yamamoto
    • Sayaka Higo-Yamamoto
    • Y. Nakakita
    • H. Kaneda
    • T. Shigyo
    • K. Oishi


Aims: We previously reported that heat-killed Lactobacillus brevis SBC8803 enhances appetite via changes in autonomic neurotransmission. Here we assessed whether a diet supplemented with heat-killed SBC8803 affects circadian locomotor rhythmicity and sleep architecture.

Main methods and key findings: Daily total activity gradually increased in mice over 4 weeks and supplementation with heat-killed SBC8803 significantly intensified the increase, which reached saturation at 25 days. Electroencephalography revealed that SBC8803 supplementation significantly reduced the total amount of time spent in non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep and increased the amount of time spent being awake during the latter half of the nighttime, but tended to increase the total amount of time spent in NREM sleep during the daytime. Dietary supplementation with SBC8803 can extend the duration of activity during the nighttime and of sleep during the daytime. Daily voluntary wheel-running and sleep rhythmicity become intensified when heat-killed SBC8803 is added to the diet.

Significance: Dietary heat-killed SBC8803 can modulate circadian locomotion and sleep rhythms, which might benefit individuals with circadian rhythms that have been disrupted by stress or ageing.

Keywords: Bacteria; Biogenic-like supplements; Electroencephalography; Gut–brain axis.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
Lactobacillus brevis MAK11L82BAltered Sleep ArchitectureNeutral
Lactobacillus brevis MAK11L82BIncreased Voluntary Physical ActivityBeneficial
Lactobacillus brevis MAK11L82BReduced NREM Sleep QualityNeutral
Lactobacillus brevis SBC8803Altered Sleep PatternsNeutral
Lactobacillus brevis SBC8803Extended Nighttime Activity DurationBeneficial
Lactobacillus brevis SBC8803Increased Voluntary Physical ActivityBeneficial

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