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Effect of a bioactive product SEL001 from Lactobacillus sakei probio65 on gut microbiota and its anti-colitis effects in a TNBS-induced colitis mouse model

  • 2020-01
  • Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 27(1)
    • I. Rather
    • V. Bajpai
    • Lew L. Ching
    • R. Majumder
    • Gyeong-Jun Nam
    • N. Indugu
    • Prashant Singh
    • Sanjay Kumar
    • N. Hajrah
    • J. Sabir
    • M. Kamli
    • Yong-Ha Park


This study underpins the therapeutic potential of SEL001, a bioactive product isolated from Lactobacillus sakei probio65, in terms of its anti-inflammatory properties and its effect on gut-microbiota in a TNBS-induced ulcerative colitis mouse model. Ulcerative colitis was developed in mice by intra rectal administration of trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid. Bioactive product SEL001 (50 mg/kg b.w.) was administered orally. Myeloperoxidase activity was measured using 3,3', 5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine. The entire colon was sampled for post-mortem clinical assessment. Colonic injury was assessed through histological and histomorphometric examinations. The 454 pyrosequencing and QIIME pipeline were used for gut microbiota analysis and statistical analysis were conducted using R. mRNA extraction from colon tissue and RT-PCR approaches were employed to determine the changes in the level of specific biomarker genes associated with UC. The results depict that SEL001 significantly lowered pro-inflammatory cytokines, including CD4, TNF-α, and interleukin-6. Examination of clinical and histopathological traits revealed that SEL001 was effective and potent in reducing the inflammatory signatures of UC to a similar extent as did by the standard drug mesalamine (5-ASA). Pyro-sequencing 16S data revealed that the reduction in the major member of phylum Firmicutes, which has been previously associated with a higher risk of UC. The SEL001, an anti-inflammatory bioactive product originated from a probiotic strain L. sakei probio65 could be an alternative therapeutic agent for treatment of UC.

Keywords: Anti-inflammatory effect; Gut-microbiota; Histopathology; Lactobacillus sakei probio65; Ulcerative colitis.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
Lactobacillus sakei proBio65Altered Gut MicrobiotaBeneficial
Lactobacillus sakei proBio65Reduced Inflammatory Markers in Ulcerative ColitisBeneficial

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