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Effect of Adding Bifidobacterium animalis BZ25 on the Flavor, Functional Components and Biogenic Amines of Natto by Bacillus subtilis GUTU09

  • 2022-09-02
  • Foods 11(17)
    • Qifeng Zhang
    • Guangqun Lan
    • Xueyi Tian
    • Laping He
    • Cuiqin Li
    • Han Tao
    • Xuefeng Zeng
    • Xiao Wang


Natto is a high-value fermented soybean produced by B. subtilis. However, B. subtilis produces a pungent amine odor. This study compared the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), free amino acids (FAAs) and biogenic amines (BAs), nattokinase (NK) of natto made by two-strain fermentation with Bifidobacterium animalis BZ25 and Bacillus subtilis GUTU09 (NMBB) and that of natto made by single-strain fermentation with Bacillus subtilis GUTU09 (NMB). Compared with NMB, volatile amine substances disappeared, ketones and aldehydes of NMBB were reduced, and alcohols increased. Besides that, the taste activity value of other bitter amino acids was lowered, and BA content was decreased from 255.88 mg/kg to 238.35 mg/kg but increased NK activity from 143.89 FU/g to 151.05 FU/g. Correlation analysis showed that the addition of BZ25 reduced the correlation between GUTU09 and BAs from 0.878 to 0.808, and pH was changed from a positive correlation to a negative one. All these results showed that the quality of natto was improved by two-strain co-fermentation, which laid a foundation for its potential industrial application.

Keywords: biogenic amines; flavor; free amino acids; natto; nattokinase; two-strain mixed fermentation.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
NattoImproved Taste SensationBeneficial
NattoIncreased Nattokinase ActivityBeneficial
NattoReduced Biogenic Amine ProductionBeneficial

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