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The effect of probiotic, Bacillus coagulans NJ0516, on growth performance and digestive enzyme activity of Arbor Acres (AA) broilers was investigated. Strains NJ0516 were added to commercial basal diets as probiotic at three final concentrations: T-1, 1x10(6) cfu g(-1); T-2, 2x10(6) cfu g(-1) and T-3, 4x10(6) cfu g(-1), respectively. Twelve groups, of 30 broilers, with three replicates for each treatment group (T-1, T-2 and T-3) and the control group treated without probiotic were used. After 49 days, broilers receiving the diets supplemented with probiotic showed significantly better growth performances including final weight and daily weight gain (DWG) than those fed the basal diet (control). As for feed conversion ratio (FCR), T-2 and T-3 showed lower value (P<0.05) than the control. However, there was no significant different in final weight, DWG and FCR between T-1, T-2 and T-3 and the survival rate was not affected (P>0.05) by the dietary treatments. The higher protease activities were observed in T-2 and T-3 (P<0.05) compared with the control and T-1. However, there was not significantly different (P>0.05) between T-2 and T-3 in protease activity. Amylase activity in T-1, T-2 and T-3 was remarkably higher (P<0.05) than that in the control. Significantly higher amylase activity was observed in T-2 compared with that of T-1. There was no remarkable difference (P>0.05) in amylase activity of T-2 compared with that of T-3, even though there was a tendency for increased activity. As for lipase activity of duodenum in broilers, assays showed no difference in all treatment groups. It showed that probiotic, B. coagulans NJ0516 administration in feed with a certain concentration displayed a growth promoting effect and increased the protease and amylase activities.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
Bacillus coagulans LactoSpore 1 billion CFUImproved Feed Conversion RatioBeneficial
Bacillus coagulans LactoSpore 1 billion CFUImproved Growth PerformanceBeneficial
Bacillus coagulans LactoSpore 1 billion CFUIncreased Protease ActivityBeneficial
Bacillus coagulans LactoSpore 1 billion CFUIncreased Serum Amylase ActivityBeneficial

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