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Effects of probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus D2/CSL (CECT 4529) on the nutritional and health status of boxer dogs

  • 2020-03-16
  • Veterinary Record 187(4)
    • S. Marelli
    • E. Fusi
    • A. Giardini
    • P. Martino
    • M. Polli
    • N. Bruni
    • R. Rizzi


Background: The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus D2/CSL (CECT 4529) probiotic strain on nutritional status and faecal and microbiological parameters in a group of purebred boxers.

Methods: Forty healthy adult boxer dogs were randomly assigned to a treated (LACTO) group receiving a commercial diet supplemented with L acidophilus D2/CSL (CECT 4529) to a final concentration of 5.0 x 109 colony-forming unit/kg of food, and a control (CTR) group receiving the same diet but without the probiotic (placebo). Nutritional status (body weight, skinfold thickness, body condition score) and faecal quality parameters were analysed.

Results: No differences in body weight and skin thickness were found during the whole experimental period. Dogs in the LACTO group showed a significantly higher body condition score than those in the CTR group (4.86±0.55 v 4.65±0.65), and no significant differences were recorded in body weight and skinfold thickness. The LACTO group showed a significantly lower faecal moisture (in per cent) compared with the CTR group (0.67±0.007 v 0.69±0.007). Faecal hardness (in kg) was higher in the LACTO group than in the CTR group (0.86±0.047 v 0.70±0.051), and faecal score also improved in the LACTO group (3.78±0.95 v 4.25±0.91). A significant difference in total Escherichia coli counts as well as in lactobacilli counts between the CTR and LACTO groups was only detected at 28 days.

Conclusion: Supplementation of L acidophilus D2/CSL (CECT 4529) significantly improved the nutritional status and faecal parameters of dogs.

Keywords: Lactobacillus acidophilus; dogs; health; probiotics; welfare.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
Lactobacillus acidophilus SD-5212Improved Body Condition ScoreBeneficial
Lactobacillus acidophilus SD-5212Improved Stool QualityBeneficial
Lactobacillus acidophilus SD-5212Reduced Escherichia coli CountsBeneficial

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