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Immunomodulatory and Antioxidant Properties of a Novel Potential Probiotic Bacillus clausii CSI08

  • 2023-01-18
  • Microorganisms 11(2)
    • E. Khokhlova
    • J. Colom
    • A. Simon
    • S. Mazhar
    • Guillermo Garcia-Lainez
    • S. Llopis
    • Núria González
    • María Enrique-López
    • Beatriz Alvarez
    • P. Martorell
    • M. Tortajada
    • J. Deaton
    • K. Rea


Spore-forming bacteria of the Bacillus genus have demonstrated potential as probiotics for human use. Bacillus clausii have been recognized as efficacious and safe agents for preventing and treating diarrhea in children and adults, with pronounced immunomodulatory properties during several in vitro and clinical studies. Herein, we characterize the novel strain of B. clausii CSI08 (Munispore®) for probiotic attributes including resistance to gastric acid and bile salts, the ability to suppress the growth of human pathogens, the capacity to assimilate wide range of carbohydrates and to produce potentially beneficial enzymes. Both spores and vegetative cells of this strain were able to adhere to a mucous-producing intestinal cell line and to attenuate the LPS- and Poly I:C-triggered pro-inflammatory cytokine gene expression in HT-29 intestinal cell line. Vegetative cells of B. clausii CSI08 were also able to elicit a robust immune response in U937-derived macrophages. Furthermore, B. clausii CSI08 demonstrated cytoprotective effects in in vitro cell culture and in vivo C. elegans models of oxidative stress. Taken together, these beneficial properties provide strong evidence for B. clausii CSI08 as a promising potential probiotic.

Keywords: Bacillus clausii; adherence; antioxidant; immunomodulation; spore-based probiotics.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
Bacillus clausiiActivated Immune ResponseBeneficial
Bacillus clausiiImproved Cytoprotection During Oxidative StressBeneficial
Bacillus clausiiImproved ImmunomodulationBeneficial
Bacillus clausiiImproved Intestinal Cell AdhesionBeneficial
Bacillus clausiiReduced Proinflammatory Cytokine ExpressionBeneficial
Bacillus clausiiSuppressed Pathogenic GrowthBeneficial
Bacillus clausii SNZ-1971Enhanced Immune Response in MacrophagesBeneficial
Bacillus clausii SNZ-1971Improved Cytoprotection During Oxidative StressBeneficial
Bacillus clausii SNZ-1971Reduced Proinflammatory Cytokine ExpressionBeneficial

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