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Intake of fermented soybean (natto) increased locomotor activity in mice.

  • 2007
  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 30(4)
    • T. Mamiya
    • A. Nishimura


We fed mice food granules containing fermented soybean (natto in Japanese) powder (hereafter "natto granules") for 14 d to investigate whether natto granules had any effects on mouse behavior. We noted an enhancement of locomotor activity in natto-granule-fed mice compared to control and soybean-pellet-fed mice. This enhanced locomotor activity was blocked by a low dose of haloperidol (1 microg/kg i.p.), a dopamine receptor antagonist, but not by methysergide, a serotonin 5-HT(1/2) receptor antagonist. The results suggest that the enhanced locomotor activity induced by continuous intake of natto granules in mice is sensitive to haloperidol.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
NattoIncreased Locomotor Activity During Active PhaseBeneficial
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