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Molecular Identification of Leuconostoc mesenteroides as a Cause of Brain Abscess in an Immunocompromised Patient

  • 2006-08
  • Journal of Clinical Microbiology 44(8)
    • A. Albanese
    • T. Spanu
    • M. Sali
    • F. Novegno
    • T. D'Inzeo
    • R. Santangelo
    • A. Mangiola
    • C. Anile
    • G. Fadda


Leuconostoc species are emerging pathogens that can cause severe infections, particularly in immunocompromised patients. Using molecular methods, we identified Leuconostoc mesenteroides as the cause of a brain abscess which was successfully treated by surgery and antimicrobial treatment. This is the first report of brain abscess caused by this species.

Research Insights

SupplementHealth OutcomeEffect TypeEffect Size
Leuconostoc mesenteroidesReduced Brain Abscess IncidenceHarmful
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