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  • SLIMit

    By Health Direct

    Rating: 4 (264 reviews)In Stock

    IngredientsAmount Per Serving
    400 mcg
    CROMINEX® chromium embilicate
    Proprietary Blend
    820 mg
    N-Hance Complex

    Outcomes Supported by Research

    Product Description

    • Support weight management: SLIMit by Health Direct is designed to help you manage your weight effectively.
    • Proprietary Blend: Our unique 820 mg blend aids in boosting metabolism and promoting fat burning.
    • Chromium Enriched: Contains 400 mcg of chromium to help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce cravings.
    • Convenient Capsule Form: Easy-to-swallow capsules fit seamlessly into your daily routine.
    • Advanced Formulation: Crafted using advanced techniques to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness.
    • Customer Focused: Specifically formulated for those looking to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

    SLIMit stands out with its targeted approach to weight management by combining a proprietary blend and chromium, offering a simplified, hassle-free solution for those committed to their health goals.

    Other ingredients

    • gelatin (capsule)
    • micro-crystalline cellulose (plant fiber)
    • silicon dioxide
    • vegetable stearate

    Free of

    • stimulants
    • caffeine
    • gluten
    • soy
    • nuts
    • fish
    • milk
    • yeast
    • artificial sweeteners
    • colors

    Pill Type: Capsule

    Flavor: -

    Serving Size: 2

    Servings per Container: 28

    UPC: 814599002310

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