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Super Colon Cleanse

By Health Plus

4.5 (4.8K reviews)
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IngredientsAmount Per Serving
Total Carbohydrate
< 1 g
Dietary Fiber
< 1 g
600 mcg
senna leaf powder
665 mg
psyllium husk powder
321 mg
fennel seed powder
21 mg
papaya leaf powder
Papaya Extract
21 mg
rose hips fruit powder
21 mg
Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14
11 mg

Outcomes Supported by Research

Product Description

  • Promotes regular bowel movements with senna leaf powder.
  • Psyllium husk powder aids in gentle colon cleansing and supports digestive health.
  • Fennel seed powder helps reduce bloating and discomfort.
  • Papaya leaf powder enhances digestion with naturally occurring enzymes.
  • Rose hips fruit powder provides a natural source of vitamin C, boosting overall health.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus replenishes good bacteria for a balanced gut flora.
  • Gluten-free formulation ensures a safer choice for those with gluten sensitivities.
  • Provides essential dietary fiber to support a healthy digestive system.
  • Contains iron to help maintain your body's energy levels.

Experience the benefits of Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse with its unique blend of natural ingredients designed to support your digestive health and promote regularity, all while being gentle on your system.

Other ingredients

  • gelatin

Free of


Pill Type: Capsule

Flavor: -

Serving Size: 2

Servings per Container: 120

UPC: 083502087656

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